Travel Apps

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Google Translate

A recent update to Google’s free translating app has drastically improved its voice translation capabilities, allowing users to carry out conversations using the phone as an interpreter better than ever before. Like other apps already on the market (and on this list), you can now also use Google Translate to read signs, menus and other typography written in a foreign tongue.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (Free)


Lounge Buddy

LoungeBuddy is the only App that displays all airport lounges in over 500 of the busiest airports around the world. Find your airport oasis - whether you’re a casual traveler flying economy with a long layover, or an elite traveler flying first class. Loungebuddy takes the guesswork out of the process for travel experts and newbies alike. Input your flight, any status you might have and credit cards to see if you’re qualified to access a lounge for free. Even if you aren’t, the app can also share insight into the costs for entering lounges in over 500 of the busiest airports of the world and even let you browse the amenities they have.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)


XE Currency

A very handy apps for jetsetters. This freebie is slick, easy to use, and best of all, since it uses live currency rates completely accurate. It even stores the last updated rates, so it works when the internet doesn't. Its been downloaded more than fourteen million times to date, so don't even think about hopping on a plane without it.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


Perfect World Clock

The perfect tool for frequent flyer or when working with people in different time zones. Avoid accidentally calling your mum in the middle of the night when you are abroad. This freebie shows time at current location and any location worldwide for over 20,000 cities.
Available on Android (free)


TravelSafe Pro

A potentially life-saving database of emergency service numbers for just about every country you'd ever care to visit. There's also embassy details should passports go missing. The use of symbols and images as opposed to words, and automatic "call" function would save time in a crisis and crucially, the app automatically picks up the users approximate location. You don't need internet access to use the app. This app provides peace of mind while travelling.
Available on Android ($1.25) 



Hands up who's fed up of struggling to find a cab when you need it most? You can put your hand down now literally thanks to Hailo, an app that uses smartphone technology to do the work for you. This neat piece of software uses your phone's GPS to make the cabs come to you simply tap the big "pick me up" button and one of the little cab icons on the map will start heading towards you. You can pay by credit card without extra charge. The driver pays 10 per cent of the fare to Hailo.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)



Public transport information covering 600 cities of the worlds biggest, busiest metropolitan hubs. This app gives the detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions as well as official transit maps, nearby station search and station-to-station schedules.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


Pin Drop

If you have fond memories of the places or spots like best pub in London or corner cafes in Paris but you cannot remember the exact location then Pin drop will solve your problem. You can virtually pin in your smartphone's maps with photos and descriptions attached.
Available on iPhone (free) and iPad (free)



This freebie is handy when you reached the airport and finds out that your flight is cancel. Kayak includes flight, car and hotel search and booking, flight tracker and My Trips so you have your itinerary at your fingertips.
Available on Android (free), iPhone (free) and iPad (free)


Sipergy Travel

Sipergy Travel is the first VoIP app designed for international travellers allowing to call and text for free App-to-App and to save up to 95% on App-to-Mobile/Landline international calls. This freebie is usable over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network worldwide.There are integrated features to enhance your travel experience like finding free Wi-Fi spots.
Available on Android (free),iPhone (free) and iPad (free)


Bon Voyage

If you want to be in control of travel budget and expenses while on holiday, then this app is for you. It takes the hassle out of keeping track of travel finances, very handy for business traveller who needs to track and claim expenses.
Available on iPhone ($1.99) and iPad ($1.99)


Trip Advisor Offline City Guides
One important step to take when travel-readying your phone is making sure you’re not screwed every time you can’t find network service. TripAdvisor’s City Guides are fully functional offline, removing the risk of getting lost on the Paris Metro with no idea where to eat; it’s TripAdvisor, so you can count on insightful  crowd sourced reviews.
Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)