Camping Getaway

Camping Getaway


If you are looking for a quiet yet adventurous weekend with a beach frontage accommodation without a big price tag, think camping and there is no better place to enjoy nature at its best than Fraser Island. Yes, we are lucky that we have the biggest Sand Island in the world in our doorstep. Dingoes live in the island and it is not uncommon that you encounter one or two during your stay but fear not, just follow the Dingo Safety warning and you should be ok. You need a camping permit for Fraser Island; you can apply and pay for the permit at

We drove to Rainbow Beach to catch the vehicular barge at Inskip Point; the trip took 10 minutes.

Fraser Island boasts kilometres of sandy beach which you can drive through using a 4 x 4 vehicle up to the Northern Point of the island. There are several camping areas along the beach but if you are looking for amenities like toilet and hot shower they are available in several camping sites.

We camped at Poyungan by the beach, tucked away from other campers. The sound of the rolling surf is magical, it has a hypnotising effect that takes you to a different world. There is no signal at Fraser Island but surprisingly, I did not even miss the TV, phones and the internet as we spent our days fishing, hiking  and 4 x 4 driving. The best part was getting up for a morning walk along the beach feeling the sand in your feet. I was worried that the midges and mossies will have a feast day as I seem to have a fatal attraction to them but thanks to Gone Insect Repellant Band, it kept the nasties away from me. Open fire is not allowed at Fraser Island so you cannot have a bonfire to drive the mossies away.

The dark skies and absence of electricity made the stars look brighter and closer. My GoTravel 9 led torch provided ample light for my evening reading ritual. I was surprised how bright the light was coming from such a small torch.

There is no fresh water available in our camping area so fresh water is very precious. My After Touch Instant Wipes came to the rescue for my morning and evening beauty routine.

The 4 days went very quickly and before I know it we are catching the barge back to Rainbow Beach. A trip to Rainbow Beach is not complete without stopping in Gympie at the Matilda Servo for the best meat pie in town; it is simply the best.

Fraser Island offers different types of accommodation if roughing it out is not your cup of tea. Apartments are available at The Oaks, King Fisher Bay Resort, Eurong, Happy Valley, Cathedral Beach, Yidney Rocks, Orchid Beach, Indian head and Poyungan Rocks.


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