Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues


You know it is winter when the days get cooler, when it feels good to have that extra 30 minutes snooze time in the morning and when you crave for those hearty carbo loaded meals. You are not alone when you feel flat and sadness creeps in, we all get winter blues. The experts say exercise will improve our mood because it releases serotonin to our brain but my problem (and most of us) is finding the motivation to get up in the morning for a walk or a trip to the gym.

I find going to the gym for my Pilates and Cardio workout helps me not only to get fit but also helps me to unwind after a day's work but like most people my motivation becomes elusive in the cooler weather. This winter, I brighten my Pilates workout with an Abi and Joseph Acacia Full Length tight with a matching Abi and Joseph Racerback Tank. I thought adding a bit of colour to my workout will help boost my motivation. I was a bit concern that the colour maybe too bright for me but thought I have to think outside of the square and I have to stand by my philosophy that I will only sell products in my website which I can wear or use.

Monday afternoon came; I walked in to my Pilates class and to my surprise everybody noticed my colourful tights and gave me complimentary comments. I knew the comments were genuine because they came and touched the material and asked me where I got them. Of course I gave them my sales pitch; this is one opportunity I don't miss.

When I got home, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was pleased with what I saw for a body that is not exactly a model material; I wear a size Large. The tights had an elongated effect on my figure. I look taller because the print draws the eyes down to the legs.

This gave me a great boost in my motivation and now looks forward to my Pilates class with my new Abi and Joseph Acacia Full length tights.

Bright colours may not be for everybody but a tropical setting for a new work out gear like the Abi and Joseph Waikiki 7/8 Tight may just what you need to jump starts your mood.

And finally if nothing else works, a short break to a tropical island will surely break the winter blues and put you back in the zone.


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