5 Packing Tips For The October Long Weekend Getaway

5 Packing Tips For The October Long Weekend Getaway


When the October long weekend finally rolls around everyone appreciates the break. As excitement and anticipation kicks in and holiday lusting takes over the brain, we've compiled a fail-safe list to ensure your mini-break gets off to a good start.

1. Begin with the right Bag

Leave that oversized luggage at home! A long weekend calls for a heavy-duty canvas duffel or a sturdy leather tote. Invest in a bag that best suits your style of vacation, you want something that is light enough to throw over your shoulder but sturdy enough to withstand airport / train carriage floors.

Our Top Pick:

Manzoni Weekender Bag

Manzoni Weekender Bag - Weekends away will be all wrapped up with this gorgeous soft full grain leather weekend travel bag from Manzoni. Available in a selection of colours for every season.


2. Layout & Count the items you 'think' you are going to pack

Unless your getaway includes a fancy restaurant booking, the likelihood of you ending up at a spontaneous formal dinner is slim so leave the stilettos and fancy dresses at home. What you will need to pack are the following: a comfy pair or jeans or pants, four tops, a casual dress, a skirt, a swimsuit and your underwear. We suggest minimal patterns so you can go from beach to bar by swapping your sunnies for a stand out necklace  or bright and fun clutch. 

Our Top Picks:

Bamboo Body 3/4 Sleeve St Tropez Top

Bamboo Body 3/4 Sleeve St Tropez Top - Featuring soft fabric that drapes beautifully whilst also being extremely comfortable

Sacha Drake Solange Loose Fit Jumpsuit

Sacha Drake Solange Loose Fit Jumpsuit - Perfect for your weekend getaway

Sacha Drake 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Collared Shirt

Sacha Drake 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Collared Shirt - Great for styling in the day or dressing up for night outings


3. The 2-Shoe Rule

A packing weakness that can be fixed with a few small rules. Keep your shoes on repeat. The smartest ladies invest in a stylish pair of wedges (suitable for evenings but comfy enough to wear from dawn to dusk) and a pair of functional flats (either thongs/slip-ons if holidaying beachside or sneakers if your getaway seems like more of the 'closed in shoe' kind of adventures). If you do have to pack more than two pairs (huff...) then don't overlook the greatness of a good shoe bag.

Our Top Pick:



Lapoche Shoe Bag - Keep your bag organised and your shoes away from the rest of your wardrobe


4. Cut down on your toiletries

Stock up on travel-sized toiletries from your local supermarket or chemist. The more compact, the more room for outfits! House your toiletries in a secure case to avoid opening to a dreaded spill.

Our Top Picks:

Annabel Trends Large Rectangular Cosmetic Bag

Annabel Trends Large Rectangular Cosmetic Bag - Available in a great selection of colours and styles

 Lapoche Water Resistant Pouch

Lapoche Water Resistant Pouch - perfect for your toiletries or for the wet swimsuit you need to throw back in your bag before you get home


5. The task of packing it all 

You've heard it before, but the best way to pack your clothes is by rolling them up rather than folding.We suggest you take full advantage of the packing organisers we have available too. If you plan on packing a floppy beach hat, fill it with rolled up clothing to assist in keeping its shape. 

Our Top Picks:

Go Travel 3 Piece Packing Organiser

Go Travel 3 Piece Packing Organiser Set - Do not pack with out this, we repeat, do not pack without this. As you were.

Go Travel Zip Cubes

Go Travel Zip Cubes - We warned you, packing cubes will save your sanity!

Now that the packing is out of the way, all you have to do is decide what drink you will be ordering at the beach club.

From all of us at Ciao Bella Travel, have a safe and wonderful long weekend.




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